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Paid Search Marketing for Local Businesses 

After launching a new site you need to market it. A website alone on the internet is not enough to drive qualified visitors. One of the best and fast ways to do that is through paid ads. 

Two of the most popular platforms are Bing and Google Ads. We are certified and a premier partner on both platforms. This ensures that we have the most up to date knowledge on each platform. 
How does it work?

After you create your ads account 

Our Process

We will schedule a discovery call with you to assess your business goals and needs. We will then create a strategy around them to  build out your campaigns accordingly.

We then manage your account and report monthly on results. We also provide a follow up call to discuss the reports and answer any questions you may have. 
Google Ads Case Study

The Cochran Firm

How we turned a good campaign into a great one

Main Issues

The Cochran Firm hired us work on their “Police brutality” campaign within Google Ads. The quality of leads were fair and the number of leads they were receiving was decent. 

The goal was to lower the amount they were spending while attempting to keep the same amount of leads coming into the firm.

Aduit Results

The campaign had many broad terms and the search term report showed that not many negatives were implemented. I cleared out the account, created new ads, added negative terms, increased bids on call extensions and continued to monitor the campaign and make adjustments.

Improved ROI

The client went from spending over $7,000 to just under $3,000 for about the same number of calls and leads. That’s more than a  62%decrease in spend.

The leads were better and more qualified cases were delivered to the law firm.

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Account Audit & Review 

We start every new client with and existing advertising account with an audit. The audit includes reviewing:

?Account structure
? Keyword relevance
? Landing page relevance
?Current ads performance
? Time of day performance
? Demographic performance
? Individual device performance
? Review tracking codes and metrics
New account set up

Don't have an ad account? We will create a well structured account which includes. 

?Keyword research
?Competitor research
?Budget recommendations
?Landing page optimization
?Conversion tracking set up
?Full campaign and adgroup build out 

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