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COVID 19 Help for Small Business

Joe Balestrino

Are you taking advantage of this opportunity?

During this coronavirus pandemic you may be facing a slowdown in business, but it doesn’t need to be a complete shutdown. 
This should be an opportunity to work on things that you’ve been too busy to address such as your website’s design and function. 

If your site is dated or it has outdated information now would be a good time to make updates to your content. A new updated website can improve business by more than 10%If you’re a local restaurant open for delivery how do customers know? Do they need to call? Can they place orders online? Does your website have information specifically on how you’re operating during this time? Does it highlight your new hours of operation and the changes made to your menu? Perhaps you could make it easier for customers to place orders or to pay you online, 

I’ve spoken to local business owners who once they updated their websites started to receive more take-out orders. 
What if you don’t have a website or your current site is out of date and not easy to update?

We are offering businesses impacted by COVID 19 by offering large discounts, deferred payments and in some cases free websites. We understand how difficult it is for local business to stay afloat during these uncertain times. As a small business we know how important it is to be able to communicate with clients and customers. We are here help. 

Many businesses feel they need to conserve money during this time however, doing some small online marketing will help get business in the door. People are stuck at home and since they can’t go out they are online shopping and by essentials such as food. 

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