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Google Ad Violations 

Is Your Google Ads Account Suspended?

In the last year, Google has updated Adwords policy, tightening the threshold for policy violations. It’s affecting text ads for some advertisers and Google Shopping campaign ads for many more, costing tens of millions in lost revenue.

With our client base across so many verticals (including wine and spirits, adult products and OTC medications), 4PointDigital has dealt with Google on policy violation issues at every level. With our experience, we can lift policy violations in a short time frame and with minimal compromise to our advertiser’s messaging. Whether as part of management services or as a third party liaison, let us help get your advertising back on track.

Google Ads Suspension Service

Are your ads or keyword showing a status “site suspended”? This means the web page or website violates the Adwords advertising policies. Your ads will not be allowed to run until the issue is remedied.

Google Ads support will usually email you and tell you the nature of the violation and which policy it is violating. It is your responsibility to read the policy and figure out what is wrong. Usually, the information is vague and without prior experience can be difficult to figure out.

There are ways to fix and work within the guidelines, however, Google doesn’t openly share this information.New Paragraph

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Why Is My Google Ads Account Suspended?

Violating any of Google’s advertising policies, terms of service or suspicious activity with billing or payment issues can result in your Adwords account being suspended. A suspended account will not be allowed to run campaigns of any kind. In certain cases these bans can be lifted

Google advertising policy and penalties can revolve around:

?Abuse of the ad network
?Adult-oriented content
?Alcoholic beverages
?Copyrighted content
?Counterfeit Goods
?Dangerous products or services
?Offensive or inappropriate content
?Editorial & professional requirements
?Gambling-related content
?Healthcare and medicines
?Irresponsible data collection & use
?Legal requirements & serving limitations
?Misrepresentation of self, product, or service
Contact us today and let us help you get your Google Ads suspended account reinstated and running again. If you need a Google penalty removed visit our section on the topic.

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